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Diamond’s images from the exhibition Portals in 2019 at the Sunroom Artspace. 

Portals showcases the work of three female interdisciplinary artists Sarah Blanchard (CA), Meganelizabeth Diamond (CA), Emma Schwenke (AU). Through photo-media, sculpture and installation processes, each artist uses tactile processes to grasp at another’s memory, to relive their own, and to fabricate memories entirely. Here we consider their artistic practices as the manifestation of portals. These women give us access to worlds within their minds. Windows revealing sunbleached memories, all loosely strung together to form a fragmented framework, an idea of walls, the suggestion of a room. Finally, it is our minds, present and responding, that pull these almost-imaginaries into their almost-but never-finalised existence. The light feels us watching, presents the edges and fills in the body of form.  Written + curated by katnancy.”